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Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a Slither Style iO game that sets in a vast world full of various snakes. You have to direct your own one around the map using the mouse to eat more food orbs in order to increase your length. When you grow up, you can encircle other snakes or cut off their heads by speeding up your snake using the left mouse button. Try to absorb their dead mass and survive to rule the leaderboard!

How to play

Just simply take control of your power line in the game by pressing arrow keys.

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What is LittleBigSnake about?

LittleBigSnake opens a challenging adventure for you and lets you play as a cunning snake roaming the map to hunt for more food orbs. The game is considered as a new clone of, but surely you will get a brand new gaming experience. When you first enter an arena, you are just a small snake that has to increase the size as fast as possible by eating more orbs that are spreading over the map. The more food you eat, the longer you will become. Focus on this mission because it will give you more power to survive! Being a larger, heavier and longer snake is so fun, but you must remember that this will have a penalty which is a slower speed. This means that bigger snakes have to move at a slower speed, however, you can accelerate it if you want, and your mass will be reduced to an extent whenever you make a speed boost.

As you can see, the arena in the game is so large, and it’s full of creatures, with various snakes controlled by real opponents. So, this is going to be a fierce battle between you and others. Try to make your way through all dangers, survive longer and build your dominance! When you see a big pool of orbs dropped by dead snakes, you should jump to it and quickly absorb the orbs as much as you can. This helps you increase your size faster than eating every single generated orb. However, you have to be aware of incoming snakes when you eat the dead orbs because they can take this chance to make your head crash into their body, which brings your adventure to an end. You should develop your strategies and utilize them to cause other snakes to collide with your tail. Or when you gain a lot of mass, you can use your long body to encircle the enemies. By doing so, they will be unable to escape and have no choice but crashing into you. Similar to, you must fight until you become the biggest snake in the arena as well as climb the top spot on the leaderboard!

Features in Little Big Snake

This Slither Style game proudly brings you lots of cool features for you to discover:

  • Quests: Try your hardest to complete all the given quests so you can earn more coins.
  • Lair: Begin to join the combat from the lair, and then come back to it for more chests and presents.
  • Shop: You can purchase gold, rubies and VIP accounts in the shop.
  • Achievements: Lots of interesting achievements to obtain!
  • Evolution: Make sure you donate gold to the temples so you can enhance the skills of your snake and turn it into a stronger creature in the arena.

 Little Big Snake Free Online

You can play LittleBigSnake game online for free in your own browser and join it whenever you want! Invite your friends to come and play with you, or you can search for other online friends then challenge them to a fight.

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