Little Big Snake Evolution

Evolving your snake is also a significant mission you should carry out in Little Big Snake. The game provides you with a clear evolution system that has different levels required. You will see a lot of levels that your snake should reach, but you are required to have some gold coins first if you want to evolve it. Sometimes, you can find the evolution mission in a quest too, that means you need to finish it for more coins. In this evolution system, you are required to donate some gold to the temples in order to upgrade the abilities of your snake. If you regularly evolve your snake, it will become much more intelligent, aggressive, powerful and cunning. The more gold you donate, the stronger you will become. Playing as an invincible snake will give you a higher chance to outsmart and defeat all other enemy snakes. Start to evolve the snake right now!

Little Big Snake Evolution

Evolution feature

  1. Temple of Energetics start 50 Gold
  2. Temple of Metabolism Level 2 required
  3. Temple of Entomophagy Level 3 required
  4. Altar of Devourer Level 4 required
  5. Book of Entomologist Level 5 required
  6. Temple of Providence Level 6 required
  7. Temple of Magnetism Level 7 required
  8. Eye of Beholder Level 8 required
  9. Great Magnet Level 9 required
  10. Ball Lightning Level 10 required
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